About us

As delegated client for real estate owners, Tsavo works on revitalizing, making sustainable and maintaining real estate. As project management organisation, we support housing corporations, investors and associations of owners with our sustainability methods. Since 2017, we have made almost 5,000 homes successfully sustainable.  

Realizing urban sustainability is not a quick task. This is why we engage in long-term relationships and invest in multidisciplinary teams that we form with our clients. By sincerely striving for a long-term relationship, we create a context in which team members invest time and energy in each other and where good mutual tuning of processes is possible. Our employees are easily approachable, work regularly on location with the client, and feel involved in the client’s sustainability assignment. Through this involvement, knowledge and trust, we realize true cooperation and excellent results.

Tsavo’s base is our office in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, central in the country and on top of the best accessible central station of the Netherlands. Tsavo achieved the 34th place in the Top 100 of the FD Gazellen 2019 and consequently belongs to the 100 fastest growing Dutch companies.

Teaming up to create urban sustainability: Working together for urban sustainability, that is our dream and our clients’ dream. But we are also sober and aim for concrete results. How do you go from dream to reality? We love to talk about our approach. Tsavo realizes ambitions of real estate owners!

Did you know?
Our company’s name is derived from Tsavo National Park in Kenya. In this park, the ecosystem is almost in balance and circular, but also vulnerable for climate change. In the Netherlands it is a big task to come to an ecological and circular balance with preservation of our living standard. As Tsavo, we consider it our challenge to contribute in this task.