Great work with great people. 


To work at Tsavo is to formulate ambitions, achieve result, make mistakes, recover, celebrate success, and have fun, together. 

Within Tsavo we facilitate each other as much as possible in generating the client worth and letting our (common) professionalism grow. We let ourselves be inspired by the ideas of Eckart Wintzen (BSO) and Ricardo Semler (Semco SA). 

We shape collective entrepreneurship. We are there together for the client, utilize each other’s strengths, and take care of each other when things do not go as planned. We believe in the power of mutual commitment between employee and company. Tsavo works with permanent employment contracts and a shared variable reward. All employees can become co-owner of the company.  

Maarten Kusters, Nynke Ernst and David Emous form the management team of Tsavo. This team has the task to keep the company on track. Together with all employees, we set this course and make plans to respond to the needs of the market. 

Everyone at Tsavo is as widely employable as is suitable for that moment. One moment you could work as a project leader and make your dreams come true, another moment you could provide sales for a new client, or give strategic real estate advice to the management board. Tsavo provides maximum space for individual entrepreneurship. 

The base for Tsavo is our office in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. This location is the centre of the country and easily reachable through the best accessible train station in the Netherlands. Every Wednesday afternoon this is the location for our Tsavo-afternoon. After a joint lunch – in the summer on our roof terrace – there is time for brainstorming, sharing knowledge, or simply giving each other attention.

Jobs overview