Privacy is property of and managed by Tsavo B.V. (subsequently called Tsavo). Tsavo wants to protect your privacy online. Tsavo believes that you need insight in the way we use the information you provided us and that you have the right to agree or disagree to the use of this information. i

While processing information, Tsavo uses the policy of “informed permission’’. This contains the following. By the use of different possibilities of this website, you can provide Tsavo with information every now and then, such as your name, your contact information or other information about yourself with which others can identify you (subsequently called ‘Personal Information’). 
Tsavo can use this information and other technical information about your use of this website to align our presentation with you, to make the use of this website easier for you, or to communicate with you separately. 
Tsavo will never provide other companies or individuals who have not been named above (subsequently called third parties) with your Personal Information without your permission. 
Tsavo will inform you if your Personal Information will be shared with a third party, and you will have the possibility to not give permission.