Business case

Sustainability in a flow


The project “Samen Verduurzamen’’, or Sustainable Together, was created from the ambition to make existing homes sustainable - with acceptable and non-nuisance measures - up to energy label A/B as soon as possible. This will improve the living comfort for tenants, make the homes more energy efficient, and reduce the living costs.  


We realise this ambition by organising close, project exceeding cooperation between client, construction companies, and tenants. As delegated client, Tsavo cares for a corresponding flow of projects in decision making, preparation, and execution. This continuity provides reciprocal predictability as well as many directly usable learning effects for client, contractor, and end user.


While making homes more sustainable, the ‘trias energetica’ is leading. With the insulation of the roof, walls and floor, we always organise the ventilation facilities. Moreover, the residents can often choose for solar panels. To give the client insight into the possibilities to come to the necessary label steps, we calculate different scenarios, including risks, and give advice on what scenario would be best for the complex. The commitment between all parties is fixed in an agreement. Part of this agreement is the number of homes we will make sustainable, together, in the coming period.


One of the clients with whom we work together on this project is Eigen Haard. The sustainability activities on low-rise housing are executed by Takkenkamp.

100% commitment among residents

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