Project manager

Do you think the sustainability assignment in the existing real estate offers challenges on many fronts? Do you connect thinking and doing and do you enjoy making progress? Join us and create urban sustainability!

This is what you will soon tell your friends about your work as project manager

“I am the daily point of contact for project leaders and within my own projects for making around 2,000 homes sustainable every year. I have a great team of professional around me and work together with leading real estate owners and construction companies. I make sure the structural flow of unexpected occasions are managed. With our team, I make sure that construction companies have impeded progress in their production, tenants are enthusiastic, and owners are satisfied. I become enthusiastic from switching between different levels, on content and on the to be followed process. Moving with the wishes of the owner and consequently achieving the desirable result makes me proud. I improve the world: every two weeks my team and I plant a football field of European forest of CO2 reduction.

With Tsavo, I get the possibilities to develop myself horizontally. At Tsavo we organise everything in such a way so that we facilitate professional maximally and burden them minimally. Oh, I almost forgot, last week I finished a due diligence for a large office building. The bank only agreed to finance if an increase in sustainability would be realised. They agreed to finance.’’


At Tsavo we realise ambitions. As delegated client we care for making buildings sustainable, improved and predictable. Tsavorians have a passion for entrepreneurship. We invest in ourselves, our projects and each other and this helps us make a difference. Our inquisitiveness and ambition determine the direction of personal development. This can be horizontal and vertical. Tsavorians get a lot of space, support where needed and have influence on how we do things together. We ask a lot, work hard, share with each other and celebrate success together.

Teaming up?!

Are you enthusiastic and do you see yourself doing this job? We would like to invite your for a coffee at our roof terrace so you can tell us how you will help yourself and Tsavo rise to a higher level by doing great projects. 

For more information, please contact David Emous, 06-57757877. You can send your motivational letter and cv to

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