Business case

Predictable maintenance


The section Real Estate Management and Housing of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) focuses on maintenance, management and housing of its own real estate and new projects. The property of WUR exists of circa 340,000 squared meters of buildings and circa 2,400 hectares farmland, mainly in Wageningen and surroundings but also in other parts of the Netherlands. The coming years, the focus will be on a more efficient and effective use of these buildings and farmlands.


Tsavo has contributed in laying the foundation by working together with employees of Real Estate to give insight into and organise the base files of processes of management and maintenance. By choosing the role of cooperating team member, we have not only triggered change but also cared for the development and safeguarding of new processes within the own organisation.  


Organised base files are of crucial importance to realise predictability in real estate. Thus, to know the current situation, what the condition and maintenance needs are, is connected to the strategy of the building. We have started to map out the total of to be delivered products, the output, and the accessory processes. Subsequently we have executed the improvements step by step with the team.

The data in the program Planon has been tested, optimised and consequently translated to a CAPEX for the organisation. This is translated to a year plan and elaborated in a workflow, capacity plan, and owners and users maintenance plan.

An important part of the assignment was the implementation of the new processes within the organisation. We have done so through a lean approach causing continuity to develop in the change process. Through close relationships and cooperation with the employees, new processes have become part of the own method of the organisation.


As interim manager, Tsavo has formed a team with project leaders of WUR. The team members have worked closely together and taken ownership of the roles and activities, which allowed for the goals to be realised.

The profit pays the costs

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