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Hoog Catharijne in vision


Insight is knowledge. Retail investor Klépierre believes it is essential to know the qualitative state of their real estate and what CAPEX investments can be expected, both in the short-term and long-term. Hoog Catharijne is composed of 25 different areas, which includes shopping areas, dispatch areas, parking garages and offices. For every area, insight into the quality and coming CAPEX investments is needed in order to be able to make the right decisions regarding the asset management.   


A clear element list has revealed the location and condition of all elements. Besides the technical quality, we also focus on all other aspects, including laws and regulations, influence on the company process, and the aesthetic appearance. The input of maintenance contracts is the first step in determining the required multi-year maintenance. For every year we determine what is necessary to deliver the following year. During this process, we firmly engage in conversation. We report to Klépierre according to the questions how, what and why.  


Tsavo provides the following products in cooperation with maintenance companies:

  • current insights on building elements and their conditions;
  • multi-year maintenance prognosis (MJOP);
  • the year plan for the necessary maintenance in the coming year.


One team has been formed with the technical employees of Klépierre and Tsavo. This team provides a good connection between daily maintenance and the multi-year perspective.

Sustainability in a flow

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