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The road from label B to CO2-neutral


There is a large sustainability assignment for real estate owners. In 2021, rental homes have to have an average energy label B. All buildings have to be CO2-neutral in 2050. Besides the importance of sustainability in the realisation of the climate goals, sustainable buildings are also healthier, safer and more comfortable to live and work in.


From organised base files, we explore various scenarios. Large-scale sustainability in an efficient, just, and affordable way is possible according to the trias energetica method. No-regret solutions are very important. This prevents higher costs in a later stage. That is why we start with good insulation and ventilation. Installations are a next step of which we can have high expectations innovatively wise. For every complex, we investigate the possible and best solutions for the specific construction. In addition, the necessary maintenance is taken into account and safety is improved by, for instance, removing asbestos.


We realise progress in the process of creating sustainable housing. With the programmatic approach Sustainable Together, hundreds of homes have been made sustainable and thousands are scheduled to be. Fast, effective, and profitable. In numbers: 4 label steps and 60 percent CO2-reduction through investments of approximately 15,000 euros per home with a gross initial yield of 8 percent and projects that last shorter than 12 months. For housing associations and other home owners, we organise the entire sustainability process.

We provide:

  • the correct basic information;
  • a feasibility study on technical, social and financial aspects;
  • the documents needed for good decision-making;
  • resident commitment, permits, execution, and project management.


Tsavo consists of a diverse team of diverse ages and with diverse specialisations. In cooperation with real estate owners, we work on sustainable projects.

Program management Sustainable Together

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