The best ideas already exist

What can a contractor learn from a hotel receptionist? What can a housing association learn from the advertising world? The opportunities to learn from professionals from other fields are infinite. Collaboration on the boundaries of your own organization is often the case, but cooperation over the boundaries of your own sector or branch is rare. This is actually quite crazy, because why invent the wheel if others did before?

How do others do that?

Learning from other fields is also called cross-industry innovation in the literature. The official definition of this term is: using knowledge from other sectors. The best-known example of cross-industry innovation is FedEx:

"FedEx is known as the company that modernized the parcel service in 1973 with overnight delivery. How did this idea come about? Federal Express - the then-name of the FedEx company - derived knowledge from the transport of people in the aviation industry. To be precise about Delta Airlines."

I myself find the MRI of GEA Healthcare a very good example of cross-industry innovation.

"Walt Disney and GEA health care have put their hands in this project. This collaboration resulted in MRI chambers in the form of pirate islands (with a moving pirate boat as a bed), space travel adventures (including a noisy spaceship), jungles, campsites, game drives, and so on. Children who had to undergo an MRI were significantly less stressed because they felt they were in the middle of a fun adventure. The result was that the hospital staff could work a lot more efficiently."

Sharing knowledge makes you stronger

We are also working on cross-innovation within Tsavo. Working together is an important part of our identity and that is not limited to cooperation within our own industry. It is precisely when you look outside your own industry that a world opens up to you. The best innovations arise through cross-fertilization.

For example, on 14 January we organized a work session "From support to residents satisfaction" between 3 housing cooperatives: Eigen Haard, Woonzorg Nederland and Parteon. These housing associations have the same goal in the area of sustainability: to make the world a bit nicer. Led by Roeland Dietvorst (expert in the field of neuromarketing), Bert Pol (pioneer in the field of behavioral sciences), Daan de Raaf (marketing guru) and Anke van Hal (leader in the field of sustainability within housing corporations), we have the resident journey portrayed in more detail and the resident communication lifted to a higher level. Totally different disciplines, experts and experienced experts who spend a whole day together to exchange ideas and experiences and to learn from each other. My hands are itching to get started. So keep following us for sure, what more about this soon!

Teaming up ?!

The message of this article: Do not stay on the island, join hands because that is when really nice things happen!

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